Tu, 26.09. | 23:00

Love hurts. Quite badly, in fact, if you’re with Liza. As femme fatale of the trailer trash class, she holds the reins firmly in her hands in her relationship with the unambitious Chip. He finally even submits to helping her steal the 68,000 dollars that her sugar daddy recently waved under her nose. Several nervous breakdowns and a few corpses later, the odd couple find themselves on a road trip through a pulp-America populated by crooks, cut-throats, and serial killers. Troma alumnus Trent Haaga returns to his bad-taste roots with 68 Kill, his adaptation of the eponymous novel by Bryan Smith, one of the most massive representatives of New Pulp. Abysmal, absurd figures and plot strands are fired at us in perfect penny-dreadful rhythm; the (no less than three) femme fatales are like revenants from the hallowed halls of Russ Meyer, although with a slightly smaller bust size. In the midst of all this: CRIMINAL MINDS detective Matthew Gray Gubler as Chip on a brutal self-empowerment trip. There will be blood! Lots of it!

When and where?
Tu, 26.09. | 23:00 – Filmcasino
US 2017 | 93 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Trent Haaga
Cast Matthew Gray Gubler, AnnaLynne McCord, Alisha Boe
Writer Trent Haaga, nach dem Roman „68 Kill“ von Bryan Smith
Editing Valerie Krulfeifer
Cinematography Needham B. Smith
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