Ticket pre sale starts on September 8th 2017, 5 p.m.

Tickets are available online and at the Filmcasino. During the pre sale the box office opens 30 Minutes before the first screening.

Ticket prices

During the festival the box office opens an hour before the first screening. All tickets are free seating.

Waiting list spots for remaining tickets will be handed out one hour before the screening.

Single (open seating) 9,00 €

Package price 10 tickets
(max. 2 Tickets per Film | not applicable for the opening movie on 21.9.) 80,00 €

Package price 20 tickets
(max. 2 Tickets pro Film | not applicable  for the opening  movie on 21.9.) 140,00 €

Double Features 14,00 €

Trouble Feature 12,00 €

Fantastic Shorts Package 16,00 €

One Night in Dreamland 20,00 €
(4 movies from John Waters on 29.9.)

John Waters live on stage with „This Filthy World“ + filmscreening MULTIPLE MANIACS 42,00/36,00/30,00 €
(Tickets at Gartenbaukino, Filmcasino or at!)