Sa, 23.09. | 01:00

A ghetto kid named Wesley Snipes (!) teaches a white doctor (producer Alan Ssali Hofmanis) Kung Fu so they can put a stop to the activities of a criminal gang together. BAD BLACK is a DIY action grenade enhanced with every possible spectacle – Motorcycle chase scenes! Shoot-outs! Explosions! Fights! Gonzo genius Nabwana IGG and his troupe of martial-arts enthusiasts, self-taught comrades-in-arms set off dazzling fireworks of homemade CGI effects with a super hype-narration by VJ Emmie – “This doctor needs borders!” – and lots and lots of artificial blood in the film that premiered last year at the Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX. “It is a love story … LOVE OF ACTION!”

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Sa, 23.09. | 01:00 – Filmcasino
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UG 2016 | 69 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Nabwana IGG
Cast Gloria Nalwanga, Alan Ssali Hofmanis, Bisaso Dauda u.a.
Writer Nabwana IGG
Editing Nabwana IGG
Cinematography Nabwana IGG
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