Tu, 26.09. | 20:30

An overworked housewife and mother puts a belt around her neck and wants to end it all. Instead, the mental end point marks the beginning of something new, something unexpected: Jill becomes a growling dog, runs around on all fours and completely naked through the house, and attacks people. Her husband, a complete idiot, locks her in the cellar and is also otherwise entirely at a loss about what to do with the situation. While the children celebrate the sudden anarchy, he stumbles along from one breakdown to the next. Almost manically, he tries to keep up the appearance of a perfect family, while everything in the house is – pardon the pun! – going to the dogs. Director Marianna Palka is simultaneously the leading actress in this feminist fantasy satire, which takes a simple, albeit unusual and radical idea as the catalyst for a fundamental critique of the power relations between the sexes. BITCH is a family constellation as shock therapy and, at the same time, a subtle plea for a respectful way of living together, but all of that without a preaching tone. A small miracle. Woof!

When and where?
Tu, 26.09. | 20:30 – Filmcasino
US 2016 | 96 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Marianna Palka
Cast Jason Ritter, Jaime King, Marianna Palka u.a.
Writer Marianna Palka
Editing Brett W. Bachman
Cinematography Armando Salas