Mo, 25.09. | 20:30

Four years have passed since the horrifying events in “Curse of Chucky,” four years that Nica has spent locked away in an institution for the criminally insane. The young woman has meanwhile become convinced that the killer doll was only in her imagination and she killed her family herself. Her therapist tries to reinforce this insight with a dubious method: he gives Nica a “Good Guy” doll. Good idea! From this moment on, cruel murders in the institution start multiplying. Andy, who fought the killer doll several times in his childhood and youth, sets out to help Nica. But first he must get past Chucky’s bride Tiffany, who will do anything to protect the love of her life. Doll-father Don Mancini has still not had enough of his cult creation: plastic lasts forever, and even in the seventh part of the horror series, Chucky shows no lack of creative inspiration, when it comes to killing off his victims as spectacularly as possible. At the same time, CULT OF CHUCKY is a kind of family constellation therapy: figures from almost all the previous films appear, held together by the most bloodthirsty, most insane doll of all times. Welcome back, Chucky!

When and where?
Mo, 25.09. | 20:30 – Filmcasino
US 2017 | 91 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Don Mancini
Cast Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif, Andy Barclay u.a.
Writer Don Mancini
Editing Randy Bricker
Cinematography Michael Marshall
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