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The neurotic, delirious housewife Peggy flees from her surburban hell together with her overweight maid Grizelda, who squashed Peggy’s husband. But it gets even worse, when they are banished by a cross-dressing cop to a life in exile. The shanty town of Mortville is filled with criminals, lunatics, and “sexual deviants”, who are just plotting a rebellion to depose the hated Queen Carlotta. “Desperate Living” works ideally as a double with Werner Herzog’s “Even Dwarves Started Small”: it is a fairy tale full of snot and slime, a camp parody of fascist regimes and a sincere ode to lived anarchism. Edith Massey, one of the most tremendous Dreamlanders, provides a brilliant performance as Queen Carlotta, who is carried around in a sedan chair and receives pleasure from boys in leather.

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One Night in Dreamland (all 4 John Waters films on 29.9.)
US 1977 | 90 Min | 35
Language OF
Director John Waters
Cast Liz Renay, Mink Stole, Susan Lowe u.a.
Writer John Waters
Editing Charles Roggero
Cinematography Thomas Loizeaux