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“Polyester” can be seen as connective tissue between Waters’ early “Dreamlanders” films and his foray into the mainstream with “Hairspray”. Of course that doesn’t mean, however, that the “Pope of Filth” has become more moderate. “Polyester” is a delightfully perverse Sirk-iade about a perfectly normal (for Waters’ standards) suburban family, the Fishpaws, and their everyday problems ranging from abortion and foot-fetishism all the way to alcoholism and multiple murders. For the cinema start of “Polyester” John Waters drew inspiration from one of his role models, William Castle (see: “The Tingler”). The “Odorama” gimmick meant that everyone in the cinema audience was given a scratch card, where you could scratch open certain smells, from “flatulence” to “pizza” and “gasoline”, corresponding to numbers on the screen. But even without olfactory impressions, “Polyester” is a thoroughly overwhelming experience.

Free scratch & sniff-card for everyone!

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One Night in Dreamland (4 John Waters films on 29.9.)
US 1981 | 86 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director John Waters
Cast Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey u.a.
Writer John Waters
Editing Charles Roggero
Cinematography David Insley