Sa, 23.09. | 20:30

Since the death of her father, Verónica is carrying a heavy load on her shoulders. Her mother works day and night in a small bar, and the teenager has to take care of her three young siblings. Maybe that is also why she decides to contact Papa with a Ouija-board – just at the moment when a total eclipse of the sun casts a shadow all across Spain. Verónica soon suspects that the séance was successful, but not exactly as she had wished. Something dark creeps through the family home, shadows dance across the walls – and Verónica has to stop the monstrousness all by herself. Paco Plaza, together with Jaumé Balaguero, originated the [REC] series, and VERÓNICA proves that he has forgotten nothing since then. Based on a single documented case, which the Spanish police filed as “unexplained” and which still remains unsolved today, the visually magnificent Spanish horror thrill set in 1991 recalls James Wan’s “The Conjuring”: Plaza cleverly and slyly intertwines the emotional worlds of an adolescent girl with the universal horror of a shadow realm seeping into our reality. Disturbing!

In attendance of Paco Plaza.

When and where?
Sa, 23.09. | 20:30 – Filmcasino
ES 2017 | 105 Min | DCP
Language OmeU
Director Paco Plaza
Cast Sandra Escacena, Consuelo Trujillo, Ana Torrent u.a.
Writer Fernando Navarro
Editing Martí Roca
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