Sa, 23.09. | im Anschluss an BAD BLACK

A question without a question mark, a film with three exclamation points. Captain Alex is a top soldier attempting to liberate Kampala from the clutches of the Tiger Mafia. When he captures the brother of their leader Richard, the latter swears revenge – and shortly after that, Captain Alex is dead. But who assassinated him? Why is a Ugandan Shaolin monk starting an affair with one of the (many, many) wives of the mafia boss Richard? And how did she lose her memory? On the other hand, in this first Wakaliwood world hit, in about an hour there will be so much noise – helicopters, explosions, MG fire – that there can only be one answer to all questions: Supa Action! And: Wakaliwood Forever!

When and where?
Sa, 23.09. | im Anschluss an BAD BLACK – Filmcasino
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UG 2010 | 68 Min | DCP
Language OF
Director Nabwana IGG
Cast William Kakule, Wilson Kakule, Ernest Sserunya u.a.
Writer Nabwana IGG
Editing Nabwana IGG
Cinematography Nabwana IGG
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