Sa, 30.09. | 13:00

Attention: this is not a zombie film. Even though a number of the undead stumble through the streets of Hong Kong – in a wonderful running gag, they are repeatedly mistaken for real estate agents – Alan Lo’s directing debut is a far stranger beast. The story centers around two school friends, who have not yet outgrown their infantile tendencies and dream of saving the world and attracting women. When Lone’s father suddenly returns after fifteen years in prison, all hell breaks loose in the home of his foster mother, the opera singer Shan, while zombies are scratching at the door and a gigantic rectangular chicken on a mysterious mission explosively hurls eggs. “Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight” continuously changes its tone: sometimes it is a juicy melodrama with sentimental music, sometimes an action grenade with chase scenes and street fights, sometimes a grotesque fantasy, sometimes a brilliantly produced anime, but most of all it is a spirited and thoroughly idiotic teen movie. “Zombiology” is a full cornucopia, which means: Enjoy Yourself Tonight!

When and where?
Sa, 30.09. | 13:00 – Filmcasino
HK 217 | 107 Min | DCP
Language OmeU
Director Alan Lo Wai-Lun
Cast Michael Ning, Louis Cheung, Cherry Ngan u.a.
Writer He Liang Yu, Nick Cheuk, Ng Siu Lun, Pang Chi Hoi, Chan Wai Sing
Editing Alan Lo
Cinematography Chan Chi Lap
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